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I did not set out to be a psychotherapist.  I pursued writing, photography and graphic arts in college though my attention was often drawn to “outsider art,” which I came to understand, not as rudimentary imagery or uneducated writing, but as expressions of oppression and liberation beyond conventional artistic borders or boundaries.  When I first stumbled into the social work library, I found scholarly tomes that reinforced what I already knew – wisdom comes from all walks of life and we must honor the elders who came before us in order to heal the children who will come after.


"I bargained with myself and others.  I could use my training in writing and media to promote social service organizations.  I developed an independent curriculum for media in social services.  But when I sat down across from my first client as a practicum student, it was the most natural thing I had ever done.  Over time, I worked with individuals, groups, families and children.


"In my early clinical career, I co-owned a group practice that specialized in women’s issues such as domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, and other types of trauma and victimization as well as accompanying disorders of substance abuse, eating disorders, and the dissociative spectrum.  We developed a training program and supervised students and graduates for licensure.  We trained others in the field of women’s issues and trauma treatment.  It was fulfilling work, but it was also difficult work at a time when being either a client or a therapist was suspect.  After many years, we dismantled the practice and went our separate ways.


"Cultural differences and universal similarities have always intrigued me.  I studied with many natural healers and teachers. I studied the work of Carl Jung.  I returned to writing and photography.  I obtained a post-graduate certificate in art therapy, I published a poem or two, a book here and there.  Eventually, I returned to clinical work with a fresh perspective and a few new tools.


"My practice is small and manageable, though I do see a wide variety of clients, both men and women.  My current specializations seem to be anxiety, depression, wellness and chronic medical conditions, grief and bereavement, blended and alternative families, and issues of aging and care-giver stress.


"For more information on my credentials, practice information, or policies, please choose from the documents to the right for copies of my clinical material.  If you are interested in becoming a client, these may help, but a conversation is always encouraged."

"The late family therapy pioneer Harry Goolishian helped to reframe not-knowing as an asset in psychotherapy -- a means of remaining open to the story."

-- Seaburn

""""The essence of psychodynamic therapy is exploring those aspects of self that are not fully known, especially as they are manifested and potentially influenced in the therapy relationship."

-- Shedler

If we wonder often,

the gift of knowledge will come.

-- Arapaho Proverb

Kim's Vita


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